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Influential reading

Here is the list of books and resources that I read recently that has influenced me in one way or another (in no particular order):

  1. Zen Habits – blog of Leo Babauta covering: achieving goals, productivity, being organized, GTD, motivation, eliminating debt, saving, getting a flat stomach, eating healthy, simplifying, living frugal, parenting, happiness, and successfully implementing good habits.
  2. Get rich slowly – blog of J.D>. Roth sharing stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing.
  3. Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery by Garr Reynolds
  4. The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams
  5. Web Standards Solutions by Dan Cederholm
  6. DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model by Jeremy Keith
  7. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell
  8. Blink : The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell
  9. Scrum and XP from the Trenches by Henrik Kniberg
  10. The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing by Jason Kelly
  11. Scalable Internet Architectures by Theo Schlossnagle
  12. Designing the Obvious: A Common Sense Approach to Web Application Design by Robert Hoekman Jr.
  13. Getting real by 37signals
  14. Winning by Jack and Suzy Welch
  15. The big book of key performance indicators by Eric T. Petterson

The list is never complete, so I’ll update the post once in a while…

September 10th, Municipal Government and County Council elections

Let’s take a look at the elections with the eyes of the web-developer.

We’ll take a look at following parties: RV, SV, DNA, SP, KrF, V, H, Frp
The parties from left to right

I choose to focus on 4 areas, each of those will get a score -2(awfull), -1(bad), 0(neutral), 1(good), 2(excellent). The areas are:

1. Visual design
2. W3C conformation and source code
3. Ease of finding the “electoral promise”
4. Ease of finding of party’s vision and long term plan

Let’s start.
1. -1: Boring visual
2. 0: No doc type, but they “play” HTML :-), just look at this doctype
The guys have sense of humor though
who disagrees :-)?
3. 0: Located in section “Useful”, one click away from the front page leading to a pdf document :-(
4. 1: Second link from top to the right, one click away from the front page, not bad at all.

RV Total: 0;

1. 1: Actually not that bad, could give them 2 if it were not those red boxes at the end of the page and sesam search field at the top :-)
2. 0: they are on the way to writing better code, if they check it for missing closing tags, remove some inline css, etc
3. 2: In the middle of the front page, you hardly find better place
4. 2: In the middle of the front page, you hardly find better place

Total SV: 5.

1. 2: Very good visual
2. 0: Suffers from divitis, missing closing tags, but is on the way to good code
3. 0: Top banner is actually the thing, but I thought it was a top banner :-)
4. 0: Two clicks away from the front page, starting with first link in the left menu.

Total DNA: 2

1. 1: Three pictures of Aslaug Haga on the front page is too much of a good thing :-)
2. -1: it looked to be 0 for inline css, nonlimited use of br tags, etc, but then I spotted font tags and tables :-( grrr and it functions bad in firefox
3. 1: One click from the front page, though the link is not very descriptive
4. 0: There are two-three links that talks about the same and could be counted as “the thing”, why not say that in plain text and have only one?

Total SP: 1

1. 0: white text on white stripes does not work very well
2. -2: Tables, deprecated tags… Looks like web-designers at KrF just stumbled upon FrontPage :-) Wake up, it’s 2007 out there.
3. -2: Didn’t find one. At all… Seriously…
4. 1: One click away from the front page

I’ve seen this too much during my surfing
KrF timeout?

P.S. And it’s god damn sloooow.
P.P.S. Have you seen your fonts in FireFox? Neither did I, had no microscope.

1. 0: You have to do something about fonts.
2. 1: Wow. It actually validates!!! MediaFront has sold their ability to make flash where the client needed web-design. Let’s see what google sees on front page:
You need Flash

I think Venstre will have problems getting new votes: they are not even on the first page for search “venstre politisk parti” on google. But the main site is good.
3. 0: you are actually coming to the election version of website, and have to click to come to the normal one
4. 0: three to ten clicks away, depending on how fast you realize that there are two versions of the website :-)

Total V: 1

1. 1: Pretty good visually, would have been 2, if they had removed the banner on the right side.
2. 2: Hey, this one validates too :-) P.S. one typo: atl instead of alt, but we forget this.
3. 1: One click away, though the link name could be more descriptive
4. 2: Right on spot. Two clicks away and the choices you make are very logical.

Total Høyre: 6

1. 1: Nice visual, fonts chosen did not allow to give 2.
2. 0: well, there are other tags then div’s, you know.
3. -1: When clicking on link with the right name to see their “election promise” I was greeted with “access denied” (ingen tilgang) :-) he he, do they have something to hide? Though I could download a pdf version
4. 1: This one worked as intended, two clicks away from the front page.

Total Frp: 1.

Well, the web-developer votes Høyre this year.

Starting ctwm on ubuntu

For those of you who want to use ctwm window manager on ubuntu.

I installed ctwm and was surprised that it did not show up among other sessions in the login screen of gdm.
With a little research I found that all you have to do is:

  1. cd /usr/share/xsessions
  2. copy one of those existing_session.desktop files I’ve chosen Fvwm.desktop: cp Fvwm.desktop ctwm.desktop
  3. edit this new file, exchanging Fvwm with ctwm everywhere: sudo vi ctwm.desktop
  4. restart and enjoy ctwm

WP picasa plugin on dreamhost

I tried installing a WordPress plugin today that should show random picasa albums (Picasa Web Matrix was choosen for the task). Of some reasons it did not work :-(, so I had to dig into code myself. Found out that probably google have changed the structure of the feed, so some minor changes should be done in the source in order to get it working.

If you need a solution drop me a notice, I share mine :-)
I’ll play a bit with WP widgets so I removed my old theme (it was to old for widget to work), and replaced it with one distributed with WP 2.0.7.

Let’s stick to this for a while.

New gadget: Network Storage

a Network Storage device One more gadget in my collection at home is this beatiful Network Storage device with a capacity of slightly over 1Tb :-)

It took a night to build RAID5, and another 15 hours to transfer everything from two external hard disks, but after that… it’s only joy. It runs scielently

I never felt so secure about my work related data, family pictures and videos, etc

Excellent music and beatiful 3d

I’ve been shown a little video by a friend of mine and just want to share this one with you.

Enjoy beatifull music and amazing 3d graphics.

Finger memory…

Have you ever caught yourself trying to remember a password when asked and then being not able to answer? I did. Not only once. And the strangest thing is that I simply do not remember the password. I have typed it so many times that at the end it sits in my fingers. The mind gets rid of unnecessary information counting many of those passwords as such. And we have it there: I can logon into many web-services correctly typing something that I do not remember. This is the best kind of security one can get isn’t it :-)?

There is surely a research done in this field so if you know an interesting link, please drop me a line in the comments.

Redesign of this blog

I have made changes to the design of this blog throwing away old theme and making a new one. Pretty happy with one. Enjoy.

Gmail + Google cookies = BIG EVIL

You probably know about Google putting up a cookie on your PC with an unique identification number until the year 2038 and this is not a big secret, though many do not understand completely what it means.

And this is also possible that you have a creepy gmail account on top of that.

Well, these two in combination gives Google (and many other governmental agencies, and we are not only talking about those from USA, but from other countries as well) possibility to track back all your searches ever made with Google :-)

Spooky enough for me…

We’ve got a daughter :-)

Our beautiful Julia is born 7:20 today.