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SEO Howlers at International Search Summit 09

I was speaking today at SEO howlers session at International Search Summit Oslo together with Andy Atkins-Krüger and Kristjan Mar Hauksson. We were trying to wake up the audience after lunch and I hope we done this well. It was quite fun (at least for me) and at the same time quite rewarding.

Following things were mentioned as SEO SEM howlers:

  • URL rewrites (just take a look at product pages)
  • Missing 404 pages
  • Non existing pages returning 200 status
  • Defending your brand reputation
  • Supporting your offline campaigns online
  • Doing the basics (titles, h1s, flash, etc)
  • Use of negative keywords in ppc campaigns

I hope the audience enjoyed the session as much as I did :-).

To click or not to click on AdWords?

Often I find myself analyzing the ad, thinking of relevancy towards my query (or page I’m on), etc all this in a blink of an eye and then suddenly I start using ages (comparatively to the milliseconds that went on the previous step) and my thoughts are very strange:  
…how much money this guy makes from his blog…
…how much will my click cost the advertiser and how much money will the page owner get…
…these guys are offering a good product I rather type their url directly to the address bar and save them some cents/bucks…
…this is totally unrelevant and done on purpose by the advertiser, I’ll click and leave just to tap their budget…

And the best part is that I actually do all those things :-). I click on unrelevant ads, I type straight into the address bar etc… Am I the only one being such a #%¤& ? Did you find yourself doing same things, thinking the same? Is it all about how much you know about the Internet marketing? Have I been too much on the net?