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I launched a small project for the Agile community. If you use kano model for prioritizing your features, this site would be helpful. You can set up a survey and get your users/customers answer it in order to find out more about your features.

WP picasa plugin on dreamhost

I tried installing a WordPress plugin today that should show random picasa albums (Picasa Web Matrix was choosen for the task). Of some reasons it did not work :-(, so I had to dig into code myself. Found out that probably google have changed the structure of the feed, so some minor changes should be done in the source in order to get it working.

If you need a solution drop me a notice, I share mine :-)
I’ll play a bit with WP widgets so I removed my old theme (it was to old for widget to work), and replaced it with one distributed with WP 2.0.7.

Let’s stick to this for a while. redesign

Well if you ever wondered why there was so scilent here I tell you. We were intensively working on redesigning so I simply did no have time.

Now things are finally falling into the right place (still som bugs to fix) but you can check it out and make a seach.

By the way, it’s one of the first major Norwegian Internet services that validate XHTML Strict :-). Something I’m very proud to announce here.

Redesign of this blog

I have made changes to the design of this blog throwing away old theme and making a new one. Pretty happy with one. Enjoy. launched

I made a norwegian version of “go to hell” page which is located here
Personally I find it very funny, but I’ve seen people not understanding the fun at all :-). launched

I’ve made a page for a friend which owns a limousine service in Arkhangelsk, Russia.